More than 50 plants built around the world.

Our Company, backed by the expertise of skilled engineers with extensive technical experience in the field of metal surface treatments, offers its services to build metal wire plating plants which, in terms of cost and efficiency, can meet the real requirements of companies operating in this industry.
A copper, zinc, brass, bronze or nickel-plating plant operates according to precise electroplating laws but, in terms of dimensions, number of wires and preparation cycles, must be designed in relation to processes applied to wires before and after that plant or, in other words, the characteristics of the finished product.

This is where our technical office steps in, working together
with your engineers, discussing ideas with them,
until developing the most logical and functional global production cycle.

The plating plant and all the relevant accessories are “CUSTOMISED” to ensure problem-free installation in the existing production systems.

Similarly, close co-operation with the suppliers of the equipment connected to our plants (extruders, coilers, decoilers, heat treatment furnaces) eliminates any obstacles during the assembly and start-up phases.

  • Assembly operations are carried out under the supervision of our site director;
  • Tests after assembly and start-up are performed directly by our technical office manager;
  • Our expert chemist is responsible for preparing
    the electrolytic baths and implementing the process correctly and efficiently;
  • The “machine book” supplied with the plant is used to monitor the electrochemical processes and maintenance.
Nothing is left to chance or impromptu actions.

Your money is wisely invested.
Wire treatment
Plants for wire treatment, degrassing, salting and plating.
Rod treatment plants
Plants for pickling, phosphating, boraxing and calcining in tanks.
Suction plants
Centralized suction systems, for dedusting and fumes.
Dedusting plants
Centralized suction systems, for dedusting.
Metal constructions
Costruzione su Ns. progetto o su disegno del cliente di carpenteria medio-pesante.


Steel cord plant 56 wires.


Steel cord plant 42 wires.
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