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electro-galvanic covering lines
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Stainless steel wire degreasing and salting lines

Stainless steel wires which are hard-drawn during extrusion must be completely degreased prior to heat treatment in muffle furnaces, which can reach temperatures up to 1200 °C;

Traces of dirt rapidly obstruct the muffles and form indelible stains on the wire;

In our lines, the wire goes through the following phases:

  • An initial degreasing operation in phosphoric acid, the effect of which is enhanced by an ultrasonic transducer system submerged in the work cup, to remove calcium stearates.
  • A second alkaline electrolytic degreasing operation to complete
    the cleaning process.

    Our plants do not use electrolytic systems in the acid degreasing phase
    to inhibit the dissolution of harmful metals, such as hexavalent chromium, which would require complex systems to neutralise the liquid wastes.
  • After the heat treatment, the wires that require additional extruding
    are coated with TRI salt in a “SALTING” unit and then dried.

    Instead, the finished wires by-pass the “SALTING” and drying units
    and are wound into coils and skeins.

Our standard lines include the following systems:

  • Bath heating system;
  • Gas exhaust and washing unit;
  • Electric control boards.

They are supplied in pre-assembled modular units which are
ready for installation.

Our lines are designed after thoroughly analysing your specific requirements to fully satisfy your production and quality parameters.

Your engineers know what to obtain and ours know how to obtain it.

Such a mutual commitment guarantees results, the rest is only technical experience, the quality of the materials and construction precision.

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