electro-galvanic covering lines
electro-galvanic covering lines
High-speed lines to electroplate noble metals on all types of metal wires
Stainless steel wire degreasing and salting lines  
Rod treatment plants  
Metal and plastic contructions  
Suction and Dedusting plants  
Washing towers
and Jet Scrubber
Multiple-wire chemical and electrochemical plating lines
Copper-plating for protective gas or submerged arc welding wire;

Bronzing for bead wire;

Wire brassing for metal tyre and hose cords;

Galvanising for all-purpose wires , cables , staples , reinforced concrete rods.

Implementation of the most advanced technologies, precise construction, the use of the most suitable materials and the know-how acquired over more than thirty years of experience in the field, make each of our plants an indispensable production tool. Easy maintenance and interchangeable parts guarantee extended service life at the highest efficiency, with a product that always operates at the highest possible level.

Our lines operate trouble-free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our lines are designed after thoroughly analysing your specific requirements to fully satisfy your production and quality parameters.

Your engineers know what to obtain and ours know how to obtain it.

Such a mutual commitment guarantees results, the rest is only technical experience, the quality of the materials and construction precision.
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